Baron’s Hot Sauce

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Hot Sauce with a Story

I walked through, Nunzio's, "The Baron", Capizzi's barber shop door.  The family called me and asked if I wanted to get his recipe today?  "Baron is getting back surgery this week", his daughter Annette told me.   Back surgery at 93! Why, I asked.   Annette answered with, "he wants to be without pain", he wants to dance more and garden more and cut more heads, and make more hot sauce without pain.  At 93, The Baron wants so much more out of life and has given so much of it to our country, his family, his friends and to me.   The moment I arrived, I received the biggest hug from the most handsome man.  It was The Baron, at age 93. I immediately felt like I found a part of my family , I had been missing for years.  Baron  was given the nickname "The Baron",for his good looks and great dancing back in the 1930's.  I created a short video of what I learned on that visit to make hot sauce.

Please enjoy his hot sauce recipe that he makes for his family and friends straight from his organic garden , here in North Miami Beach.  His family is writing his story of his time at his dance club, 21.   I can't wait,  I hope to get those stories in front of my camera and crew.

The video can be seen now on the TV show page and click View Submissions.


The Original Baron's Hot Sauce

Equal parts white Vinegar and water

2-3 Cloves Garlic

Hot Peppers:Chile, Habaneras, Cayenne or a combination

Salt to taste

Wash the peppers and place uncut into a glass Gallon jar

Add 2 Tablespoons of salt

Cover with equal parts white vinegar and water

Transfer mixture to a blender and grind until liquified

Strain the pulp from the pepper juice and set aside

Bottle the juice in lass containers

Note:  You may jar the strained pepper pulp, which can be used as a sandwich spread. For years Baron threw the pulp away until he noticed that some companies sold it as sandwich spread.   Imagine that! Now he always has it on hand in his to the hot sauce.

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