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Executive Producer

We will be producing the TV show , The Taste Of Our Lives.   We will be  preserving  recipe legacies.
The Taste of our Lives is the brainchild of Miami filmmaker Dina Falcone-Nicolella, a second generation Italian American whose childhood summers in Lucca made an indelible impression on her as an artist.

Born Dina Falcone, her father’s family originated in the southern region of Calabria. Her mother’s family (the Ciucci’s) hailed from the north, and Dina married into the Nicolella family from Naples. This cross section of Italian roots defines Dina, and is most evident in her cooking.

In Lucca, Dina learned to cook from family members who shared recipes that had literally never been written down. Each recipe came with its own story, rich in detail that had been passed down with its ingredients over many centuries. Afternoons spent in the kitchen in Lucca, listening to the personal meaning behind the dishes inspired Dina to preserve these recipes—and their stories—for her own daughters.

The Taste of our Lives is the fruit of this lifelong passion.  Dina will be publishing these recipes, and the stories behind them, here on her blog and ultimately in a cookbook of the same name.

Here I invites you to share your stories and recipes. I will continually be trying out these recipes and sharing photos, videos and reflections on the dishes and the stories that were handed down with them.

When and why did you start this site?
I started this site as a water cooler of sorts, a place where others like me could gather and share our family recipes and the wonderful, often romantic, sometimes even crazy stories behind the dishes. Somehow hearing the story behind a dish actually affects the flavor, especially the first time you taste it. And I love the mystery of a great recipe. I love how I can make the exact same recipe as my grandmother, the exact same way she made it and somehow the nuances are different. It feels to me that the recipes are living documents, continually evolving and morphing and refusing to be pinned down. As a filmmaker, I’m fascinated by this process.


Laura Ciffone will be recreating the recipe for our web show.

She will also be our traveling food expert as well as Taste Of Our Lives, host.

Laura Ciffone

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Food Expert and Segment Host

Laura was born and raised in New York where she began to take an interest in food at the early age of 10, when she began cooking for her family because her mother worked late hours. Although cooking was her hobby, she focused on art in college. At 22 years old, Laura relocated to Florida, where she taught art.
A cameraman who noticed her talent with food motivated Laura to pursue becoming a professional food stylist by introducing her to a well-known food stylist who needed an assistant. She first worked for different local food industry clients such as Publix and Winn Dixie supermarkets.

Laura's knowledge and enthusiasm for food styling and her unique background in art soon brought her many local and national clients.In addition to food styling, Laura also applies her culinary skills to developing recipes and food products for various companies. She has extensive experience with every type of food under all kinds of conditions, in a studio, on location or on media tour. She can perform her magic equally well on fish in a hot, steamy Florida jungle, potato chips on a windy beach or chocolate in a studio kitchen.

Laura Ciffone is now  Florida’s preeminent Food Stylist for the past 26 years. She consistently, responsibly and artistically creates food in fast paced team environments.

In addition to advertising, packaging, editorial photography and film work she also, creates cook books and tests recipes for a number of food and cooking product clients.

Laura has worked in kitchens and studios from coast to coast and all over the world!

Laura graduated from Buffalo State College with a bachelor degree in art education and earned a master’s degree from Nova South Eastern University.

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Debbie Frey: Social Media Manager


Debbie’s experience in internet marketing dates back to 1995, when she worked as a producer at DDB Interactive in Dallas. Debbie worked on a number of high profile websites like Diet Pepsi, GTE, Hampton Inn and the World Cup of Soccer. Previously, Debbie has worked as a television commercial executive producer on such blue chip national campaigns as Pier 1, Home Depot and Toyota. Her blend of interactive and television production experience, agency and production company experience, creative and business management experience and a pure, unadulterated love of all things related to Facebook make her a rare find in the competitive world of social media professionals.


Tammy Arena is Website  Host

It is no surprise that this South Florida native has always been passionate about food, her family was in the restaurant business.  Her appreciation for all things culinary grew while on family vacations to Europe where, for her, cuisine, culture and history formed the perfect union.  Although her career in marketing is unrelated to her culinary obsession, her lifelong affinity for food was again realized when she married into an Italian American family where the best time to discuss what's for dinner is while enjoying lunch.  
The intimate relationship between food, family and culture is what makes a meal nourish the body and nurture the soul.  That is why she is so enthusiastic about this project.  It is recognition that the favorite family recipe is much more than a road map to delicious food; it is a gateway (connection) to the past, a celebration of the present and a gift to the future.  It is so meaningful (valuable) to the family that it should be lovingly preserved.
Leslie Loewenthal, Loewenthal Agency Consulting – Marketing, PR & Advertising
Leslie excels in the areas of marketing, strategic public relations, advertising and communications. Leslie’s outstanding reputation for using innovative ideas and guerilla marketing techniques has helped many businesses and non-profits to develop into national leaders. She has earned the prestigious Department of Defense “Seven Seals Award” for creating and executing the Military Room Makeover Program to shed light on the importance of helping our veterans for a design district client. Nine veterans received free military room makeovers from nine prominent designers valued at over $200,000 and her client gained national accolades. Her marketing efforts for numerous clients have resulted in local, state and national recognition. Leslie has published many articles. In addition, she has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami and at Florida International University. She derives great satisfaction giving back serving non-profits and with working on professional organizations.
Cathy Bigham
Segment Producer
The Wine Doctor
Our wine expert, will suggest the perfect pairing for the recipes that our featured in our segments.



Scott Foster

Scott Foster- Web Developer

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