The Going Home Tour


The passport of this recipe has many stamps , we are going to start with the present , here in Miami, and work backwards. The next stop is Cuba, where so many Spanish families made their new home. Ultimately, we will head to Spain, where this 500 year old tradition has it's roots.

It is likened to that of turtles returning to their birth place. A genetic coding of sorts that our taste buds drag us back. More importantly, to the family that prepares it for Nochebuena! Do they not share the secret in fear that the family won’t return? Tell me your story.

"The Going Home Tour ", will complete that cycle, at least for most families in Miami. I am looking for histories and stories of the journey , this feast has taken.

Submit your story and recipe. The Taste Of Our Lives, team ,will select the story to be filmed.  

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